Quality & Safety

Nursing Care

Nursing care at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and safety to our patients. We participate in PatientCareLink as part of this commitment. Through PatientCareLink, Massachusetts hospitals are working to reduce medical errors and promote a safe and supportive work environment, publicly report staffing plans that meet patients' needs, alleviate shortages of nurses and other caregivers, and work collaboratively with others to ensure access to safe, high-quality care for all.

Nurse - Patient Staffing Ratio in BID-Milton's Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Quarter ICU Average Daily Patient Census Average Daily Staff Nurse Census

Average Daily Staff Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

January-March 2016 Medical- Surgical 6.04 3.35 1:1.80
April-June 2016 Medical- Surgical 5.40 3.36 1:1.61
July-September 2016 Medical- Surgical 4.27 2.65 1:1.61
October-December 2016 Medical- Surgical 5.89 3.26 1:1.81
January-March 2017 Medical-Surgical 5.64 3.17 1:1.78
April-June 2017 Medical-Surgical 4.77 3.03 1:1.57
July - September 2017 Medical-Surgical 4.47 3.04 1:1.47