Sports Medicine


From setting fractures, to improving balance to reducing pain, the proper brace can make all the difference.  Conveniently located at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton, South Shore Orthopedic Labs provides bracing devices to treat orthopedic patients from head to toe, both before and after surgery.  For 25 years, the South Shore Orthopedic Labs staff has worked hand-in-hand with Milton’s orthopedic physicians to develop orthotics braces that:

  • reduce pain
  • increase comfort
  • provide stability
  • prevent deformity
  • promote proper healing
  • enhance patient independence.

Working with orthopedic physicians, the orthotics team evaluates each patient by testing muscle function, analyzing gait, range of motion, joint stability and skin integrity, and forms a treatment plan and discuss the plan with each patient and his or her physician to ensure full understanding of the plan and improve outcomes.  They identify the most appropriate brace designs, materials and components to support the treatment plan, and educate each patient on the proper use of the brace and device maintenance.  Staff follows up with each patient to assess the need for modifications to a device or to a course of treatment.